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Find out how working together will make all of us better. We believe in the power of the many.
We are comprised of our board of directors, senior advisors and senior management.
Board of Directors
Lars Ljungälv
Chairman of the board
Lars Ljungälv is currently the CEO of Bergendahls (City Gross, Matöppet, Glitter, Granit, Eko). The former Swedbank CEO, serves as a board member of Malmö FF football team, and IKANO Bank.
Sverker Göranson
Board member
Sverker Göranson served 6 years as Supreme Commander of the Swedish armed forces and is currently the president of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences. He also serves as a board member with Serstech AB.
Stefan Hansson
Board member
Stefan Hansson is an expert within Operations Management, Change Management and Global Sourcing. With experience working with marine products in China, India, Brazil, France and Denmark. He serves as Chairman of the Board of AL Qingdao and is a board member of AL Moatti and AL Petropolis.
Senior Advisors
Lars Holmqvist
Senior Strategic Advisor
Magnus Ingesson
Senior Strategic Advisor
Mats Lundström
Senior Legal Advisor
Karl Gustav Storgårds
Senior National Advisor - Finland
Jouko Koski
Senior National Advisor - Finland
Anders Carell
Senior National Advisor - Sweden
Bjarne Nermo
Senior National Advisor - Norway
Amalia Di Stefano
Senior National Advisor - Institutions of EU
Jim Nilsson
Senior National Advisor - International

SES Team

We are here with the intention to fill an important gap in the total defence.
I believe success should be measured on our ability to produce turnkey solutions and place them in the hands of the operators.
We will achieve this by assigning targeted teams to lead and produce measurable results.
Christer Kjellkvist
President and partner
Christer's background has been in the Swedish Armed Forces (1986–2007) in which he retired as Lieutenant Colonel. In addition to his Higher Staff Officers Education, he is certified as CIO and CIAO, completing his training at the National Defence University/Information Resource Management College – Advanced Management Program (2005–2006).
After leaving the Armed Forces, Christer began his private career successfully leading the multi-national mapping company, T-Kartor Group as their CEO for 7 years. He then continued on to the company 4C Strategies, North America where he was the CEO for 2 years.
Ole Berg
Senior Vice President of Operations
Ole has background as a Submarine Commanding Officer from the Danish Navy. Leaving the Navy in 1993 to become the Director of the Danish Hydrographic office a post he held until 2005 and during which he was heavily engaged in international standardization and cooperation on electronic chart and serving as chairman of senior international committees. Ole worked as Sales Manager at T- Kartor Group 2005 – 2012 and as a lecturer in Maritime Leadership, Maritime Law and Navigation training master mariners from 2012 to 2017.
Roger Thurnil
Vice President of Operations
Roger has served as a police officer since 1996. I addition to various management positions, Roger has served has head of Police Intelligence Service in Skåne, has been an investigator into economic and financial crimes and comes directly from a position as responsible for preparatory investigations leading up to indictments.
David Gyllensparre
Vice President Operations C4I
David has a background as a Command and control Officer from the Swedish Airforce. From 2016 David was head of Maintenance and supply department in the Swedish Armed Forces (C2 systems). David joined System Engineering Solutions 37 AB in 2018.
David is a reserve Officer in the Armed Forces within the security and intelligence department.

Marketing and Sales
Jim Nilsson
Senior Strategic Advisor Marketing and Sales
Jim has held various sales and marketing positions within Saab notably CEO and General Manager of Saab Middle East LLC. He also spent time in Abu Dhabi where he was Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Saab Bofors Dynamics. At Saab AB he was Executive Vice President, responsible for the Regions Asia, India and Australia. He also was with Saab Barracuda AB where he was the Marketing Director and Senior Vice President.
Jim is educated in Natural Sciences with further education in marketing.
Niklas Kjellkvist
Vice President Marketing and Sales
Niklas has been a Captain in the Swedish Armed Forces (Armoured troops) and has worked as a company commander and in battalion headquarters. He completed a tour to Afghanistan 2017-18, serving with NATO forces (Resolute Support Mission) as an advisor for the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP). Niklas has also worked in various sales and management positions within Manpower Sweden and Stena Line Scandinavia.
Tim Håkansson
Tim is currently learning business development, sales and marketing with hands on training.
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